Monday, November 28, 2011

Gamer Poll

Just for fun, I decided to create a poll geared at gamers and then answer it myself.  I also posted the poll on my gaming group's website, Camel City Gamers, though I've only had one response so far (thanks Brandon!)

1. What is your all-time favorite game(s)? Why?
I think my all-time favorite would have to be Power Grid. There are so many things I love about this game - the auctions, the psychology, the jockeying for turn order, the screwage factor, the race to the finish.

2. What is your current favorite game(s)? Why?
My current favorite game changes quite frequently, as I'm a card-carrying member of the Cult of the New, but I think my current favorite is Belfort. The primary reason I like it so much is because the designers have done a great job of blending a variety of game mechanics. While I like some of these a lot (worker placement), I am less keen on others (area majority). Somehow, though, they are melded together nicely in Belfort. This game proves true the old adage, "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts".  Next up: Vanuatu, most likely.

3. What game(s) are you best at? Why?
I would have to say the game I am best at is Power Grid, even though my win/loss ratio is probably only 60/40. I think I am best at it because I play it a lot and I am generally good at evaluting the other players' positions, and waiting for the right opportunities and seizing them.

4. What game(s) are you worst at? Why?
Of all the games I have played more than a couple of times, the one I am probably worst at right now is Glen More, to which many in the group can attest. I used to be good at it one time, but for now I should just keep far away. My problem is that I commit to a strategy too early and never stray from it, no matter how bad it gets. Either that, or I've boxed myself in and can't switch.

5. What is your favorite game mechanic(s)? Which mechanics(s) you are best at?
Speaking in general terms, I think I'm best at worker placement games - for some reason, I really identify with that mechanic. In addition to worker placement, I also like games with auctions (when I do well at them), set collection, and tile-laying. I also like climbing games like Tichu and Haggis.

6. What is your least favorite game mechanic(s)? Which mechanic(s) you are worst at?
Any game with simultaneous action selection, absolutely. It is by far my least favorite game mechanic and the one I am worst at - they go hand in hand. For some reason, I cannot grok games like Citadels, Havana, Mission: Red Planet, and the like. On the other hand, I do fairly well with role selection, such as with Puerto Rico. I am also OK at RftG, which seems like a blend of the two. Also, my performance at auction games varies widely. For me to be good at an auction game, there need to be a lot of pretty obvious information in the game to help me evaluate how much something is worth. I've had success with Power Grid, but I have had some fairly abyssmal performances at other auction games such as Goa and Chicago Express.  Lastly, I am not a huge fan of deck building games like Dominion or 7 Wonders.

7. What is your favorite game theme(s)? Or do you prefer abstracts?
My favorite game themes are ones that are unique or different. I like the themes of games like Moongha Invaders (mad scientists and monsters), Kaivai (sailing around Polynesian islands in canoes and having "fish celebrations"), or Yggdrasil (playing the role of a Norse god fighting his traditional enemies). I really don't like abstracts - I hate Chess, for instance.

8. Do you prefer two-player or multi-player games? Why?
Generally speaking, I like multi-player games a great deal more than two-player games, though there are exceptions. I like the social and game interaction involved, though I don't like games where the game state changes too much between turns. Multi-player games with interaction, where turns are short, or where players take turns performing actions are my favorites.

9. What is your preferred game "weight"? i.e. Light, medium, or heavy?
I like medium or heavy games the best. I can play a light game every once in a while, but I generally like the meatier games. For whatever reason, I am a person who likes to think and I like playing against opponents who do, too. However, with the really heavy games, I sometimes have trouble sitting still for 4+ hours, so I guess I really prefer the medium-heavy ones.

10. What's more important, winning or having fun? :)
Having fun is definitely more important. That's not to say that winning isn't nice, but it's really gravy.

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